What’s Samplee?

It is a mobile sampling platform through which you will engage customers, drive more sales and encourage trying out new products.

Our platform works well for multiple types of businesses:

How will your brand benefit from Samplee?

Build mobile brand image

In less than 30 days you can offer customers attractive mobile app with special deals thanks to our white-label platform.

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Build loyal customer base

Sampling offers and other in-app offers will engage your current customers, effectively driving loyalty and more repeat sales.

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Get new customers

Your new application will drive new products sales and attract new customers who will get a chance to try out your products for the first time.

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Samplee is the only white-label sampling system on the market

There are many software houses offering building new apps for brands from scratch. It is a costly, long and difficult design and programming challenge, often leading to risks associated with late release, features not satisfying the original goals and customers not impressed with the final result.

Samplee literally removes all those risks as it is built and tested in partnership with multiple brands and based on qualitative feedback from thousands of customers. Your brand can fully customise it and offer in weeks. instead of months, with absolute certainty that it will be met with customers’ interest, effectively guaranteeing reaching business goals.

Functions available as part of Samplee platform:

attractive sampling deals

engaging promotional campaigns

supporting multiple locations

recognizing customer at the sales point

contextual commucanion

support for multiople subrands

analytical monitoring platform

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Please get in touch to get to know how your brand can use Samplee platform, increase customers engagement and sales. Send a message to contact@everytap.com or call as at +48 604 456 030.

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